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Texas born and Texas raised, DALE is a self-taught artist based in the Dallas. Throughout his life from an early age his homework was scattered with more doodles than words. He was constantly bursting at the seams with energy and creativity struggling to channel it into something meaningful and tangible. 

Much of his art reflects his love for the nostalgic being able to spin the wheels back and breath life back into the past with the assistance of pop art, street art, contemporary style. Much like a mosquito he is drawn to bright and vivid colors. His love for Texas casts a shadow over many of his pieces. He is lead with the idea of being inspired to be an inspiration. As many people have taken him under their wing through the years. He hopes to one day be the one others turn to for help and guidance in the art community.

To say he has a set style would be a fantasy of its own as his work continues to evolve. The only thing that is consistent is his humor, curiosity, and love for pop art. He tends to draw inspiration from his childhood and the 90's and his love of the 80's that he developed through his time in college. 

"Hakuna Matata" -Timon and Pumbaa

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